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Wave Unveils Remote Admin of Hardware Security

Lee, Mass. -- Wave Systems Corp. (NASDAQ: WAVX; today announced the availability of its newest version of EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS), 1.5, its multi-platform server software that provides centralized administration and management for trusted hardware security throughout the enterprise. ERAS 1.5 features new, compliance-focused enhancements that enable organizations with full disk encrypting (FDE) hard drives from Seagate to generate a detailed audit log of drive security events, thereby proving that encryption was never disabled by the user and that data on the drive remained protected. Plus, ERAS gives systems administrators the ability to enable and leverage Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chips for a multitude of security capabilities, including strong authentication to virtual private networks (VPN) and wireless access.

“Our research shows that organizations are planning strong year-over-year growth in the use of hardware-based encryption to protect sensitive information at the endpoints and to address security and compliance requirements,” said Derek E. Brink, vice president and research director for IT Security at Aberdeen Group. “The companies with best-in-class performance in doing so are those who can address the challenges of managing these solutions in a more consistent and cost-effective way. Solutions that provide the ability to centrally manage TPMs and full-disk encrypting drives, such as Wave Systems’ ERAS, are important to the success of these implementations.”

Wave Systems Corp.