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Vormetric Secures Oracle Database Vault

SAN FRANCISCO -- Vormetric, Inc. today announced the delivery of a fully tested solution to apply its flagship data security offering, Vormetric Data Security Expert, to secure the operating system execution environment for Oracle® Database Vault. Vormetric Data Security Expert secures the operating system execution environment for Oracle® Database Vault by preventing unauthorized access of operating system users and administrators.

Vormetric provides strong security for the operating system execution environment through a comprehensive solution that includes file access control, file integrity and operating system level security policies. The Vormetric Data Security Expert solution underwent extensive interoperability testing in Oracle environments. The testing included security policy definition, security effectiveness, high availability, patch management and performance validation.

"Securing sensitive data is essential to protect the brand and the bottom line of today's enterprise", said Vipin Samar, Oracle Vice President of Database Security. "With a joint Vormetric and Oracle solution, Oracle Database Vault customers can not only block unauthorized use of the database, but can get defense in depth by securing the operating system environment."

Vormetric Inc.