• 11/03/2006
    5:00 AM
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BuzzBites: Detect This; Selling iCrack

Call centers are relying on speech-analysis and emotion-detection software. Plus, the software expert who broke Apple's iTunes copy-protection software plans to make a little scratch.
Detect This!

A growing number of call centers rely on speech-analysis and emotion-detection software. This software examines large volumes of calls for key words and phrases, or changes in a caller's volume and pitch. It analyzes the data to help business owners understand customer motivations and measure levels of satisfaction. Some software can even alert supervisors if a customer's speech pattern deviates from a known good baseline.

Given how frustrating automated answering systems are, a more sensible approach might be to actually hire real humans to take the call. But don't hold your breath; according to Forrester, speech analysis and emotion-detection software is a $400 million market and growing. --Andrew Conry-Murray, acmurray@nwc.com

Selling iCrack

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