• 05/15/2014
    12:00 AM
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6 UC Trends to Watch

InformationWeeks 2014 Unified Communications Survey shows a revitalized market; 77% of 488 respondents have deployed UC or plan to within 24 months. Among those deploying or with plans, internal IT owns this tech: 40% will keep UC completely on premises vs. 3% going all cloud. For hybrid setups, 24% are primarily on premises vs. 17% mostly cloud. But there is hope for service providers: 19% of those deploying UC within 24 months are unsure of their model. These shops could be persuaded to go cloud, given the right incentives.


UC security

It's a positive trend that so many organizations are concerned about UC security. Too often, it seems organizations plunge ahead with new technology deployments without considering the security risks.

Re: UC security

Good point and I think it would be better for firms to go with a cloud deployment for both security and interoperability needs. Considering, that BYODs are going to continue to evolve in the future and market segments will change (yesterday, it was iOS, today, it is iOS and Android, tomorrow the landscape might change again), it would be best to outsource UC needs to the Cloud -- having the provider handle security, interoperability and changing trends/platforms.

Re: UC security

That's a great point about the changing mobile landscape, Brian. It really complicates things from a management perspective. For smaller companies without a lot of resources to deal with security, outsourcing to a cloud provider seems like a good option.

Re: UC security

Excellent point, small companies should not attempt to undergo a deployment with limited resources and should extract the benefits of economies of scale through a Cloud UC solution.

And I wonder what's causing 36% to worry about UC security and voice phishing, I imagine that an encrypted UC service will be many times safer than an open service like Viber and WhatsApp, and will be better than a traditional phone line as well. 

Re: UC security

Perhaps it has something to do with the overall heightened attention paid to security after so many high-profile security breaches?

Re: UC security

I find the voice phishing stat high as well. It doesn't seem like most people ever answer the ohone anymore. But perhaps in a customer service environment that might be a concern.

I wonder what is driving the overall increase in interest in UC to begin with? The infographic doesn't really explain to me what has changed in the market.

Re: UC security

Yes, I think it's a concern in customer service environments -- especially in financial services. According to this report, a security firm tracked a VoIP-based phising attack that stole payment card information from customers of dozens of midsized banks.


Re: UC security

Financial services are playing a risky game by using technology that was not build with encryption in mind. A 4-digit pin is unsafe to begin with because of today's computational capability, and often times the line between the user and server is not even encrypted on traditional hardware. 

But I don't think anything will change anytime soon, even after the Target breach resulted in millions of card data to be stolen, financial institutions did not issue new cards to everyone because that would have cost extra.


Re: UC security

Susan, yes I have also noticed an increased interest in UC, I feel it is partly because of "the rise of the mobile workforce" and partly, because globalization has increased specialization resulting in individuals being separated geographically with a need to communicate and collaborate.

Canada has already signed agreements with NAFTA and the EU, this is going to increase trade and specialization, and the US and EU is working on a similar agreement, this should create an even greater demand for UC.