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Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010

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TOP STORY: Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010
MORE NEWS: iPad 2 Smaller, Flatter, More Capable Speaker

ANALYTIC REPORT: Outlook 2011: IT Trends to Watch
WHITEPAPER: 5 Best Practices to Optimize Server Infrastructure Costs with Virtualization

SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010
VIDEO: Man Versus Machine
BLOG: Got The Gadget, Lost The Manual
WEBCAST: Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

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InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Monday, December 27, 2010

"Don't find fault, find a remedy." -- Henry Ford




Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010

From WikiLeaks to breaches, security-related stories are front-page news more than ever. Small wonder: Hacks can cost companies millions and bring down infrastructure. Here's a look back at the year in security.


iPad 2 Smaller, Flatter, More Capable Speaker

Details of Apple's second-generation iPad continue to pop up across the Web. The newest details suggest the iPad 2 will have a reduced bezel and flat back panel.

Skype Struggling To Recover From Outage

Millions of Skype users have been unable to make voice or video calls over the VoIP service since Wednesday.

Pioneer Ships First 3D Blu-ray Players

The three models support the latest HDMI and audio formats, and can access content from streaming video services.

Google Buys NYC Building For $1.9 Billion

The 15-story Manhattan property covers a full block and has more office space than the Empire State Building.

Dell Acquiring Medical Storage Firm InSite One

The cloud-based service addresses some of the biggest problems in health IT: data archiving, migration, and sharing medical images across providers, systems, and locations.

VA Employees Using Unauthorized Cloud Services

Department of Veterans Affairs staff have been using Google and Yahoo tools without the agency's knowledge, raising privacy, security concerns.

Data Center Upgrades Spur Surge In Network Equipment

Infonetics research says cloud computing will fuel large gains in the 10G Ethernet and storage markets through 2014.

DDoS Attacks Strike Human Rights Groups

Harvard researchers find that most such organizations and independent media sites have been knocked offline by a distributed denial of service attack.

Sony Launches Online Music Streaming Service

The cloud-based Qriocity becomes a stronger competitor to Apple's iTunes with the addition of music to its existing video-on-demand offerings.

  Digital Issue  


Giving your people the tools to work from anywhere isn't easy,
but it pays. IT industry veteran Kurt Marko shares 10 best practices.

ALSO: The U.S Patent and Trademark Office's CIO tells how the agency
lets employees use their home computers to connect to their office

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Outlook 2011: IT Trends to Watch

IT spending should rise in 2011, including increases in hiring and a surprising boost in data center spending.

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Featured Report

RFI: The New Data Center Network

Eight networking vendors provide detailed information for a network redesign to support server virtualization, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, storage and data convergence, and new Ethernet standards.

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Featured Report



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5 Best Practices to Optimize Server Infrastructure Costs with Virtualization

This whitepaper reveals 5 best practices to maximize virtualization and an approach to identify efficiencies.

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The Compliance Trap

Compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data.
Learn why compliance is the byproduct of a well-executed information security program that focuses on risk management
and minimizes the use of compensating controls.
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Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010

As smartphones and tablets complement and battle with notebooks and PCs as routes to the connected world, as corporate users and consumers turn to both traditional Web sites and newer social networking sites to communicate, share ideas, trade business concepts, and shop, corporate IT professionals and the government organizations overseeing the nation's cybersecurity are all-too aware they must do more. And they must do it fast. Recognizing this, the federal government hopes to create a new wave of cybersecurity educational and certification programs in order to form the next, much-needed workforce. And law enforcement agencies around the world are becoming more adept at working cooperatively to combat the growing number, complexity, and sophistication of cyber criminals that pursue money and power through their creation of malware and network destruction. This teamwork already has brought down some botnet gangs in different nations.   View Now

Top 10 Hardware Stories Of 2010

Top 10 Microsoft Stories Of 2010


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Man Versus Machine

IBM Watson computing system will compete on Jeopardy! against the show's two most successful and celebrated contestants   Watch

Trading Desk Of The Future: The Rise Of the Robo-Trader

Trading Desk Of The Future: Advanced Stats Hit The NBA




Featured Blogger

Got The Gadget; Lost The Manual

By Kurt Marko

Many techies and their families will have one or more gadgets under the tree this weekend, yet despite Steve Jobs' best intentions, many of them still need a manual.


Will Malware Hit Smartphones In 2011?

By Ed Hansberry

Malware, viruses and the like have been a routine part of life for PC owners for years, at least if you are running Windows. Smartphone users have been largely ignored by the malware community, but that will inevitably change. Will it be sooner rather than later?

Microsoft Moves To Block Zero Day Attack

By George Hulme

A French IT security firm recently warned of a new vulnerability that opens most versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer open to attack.

Share Your Thoughts On IT Risk Management

By Kurt Marko

"In today's interconnected world, filled with increasingly sophisticated yet generally anonymous malefactors, IT must have a risk management program." Most of us have heard this so many times it goes in one ear and out the other, making about as much impression as your grandmother's homespun advice to always brush after meals and never run with scissors. But we all know grandma was right.

Why All The Big Deals?

By George Crump

Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot more 'big' deals when it comes to storage acquisitions lately? Dell-Compellent, EMC-Isilon, HP-3PAR, EMC-Data Domain. This is not to say that there hasn't been smaller deals and part of the reason for the increase in big deals is perception, there is more to discuss which generates more press. There is however strategic reasoning behind the increase in larger deals.

Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

Since 2005, over 510,000,000 potentially sensitive records have been lost, stolen or mishandled. A slew of regulations now require breach notification, meaning enterprises must practice strong data protection. What role does encryption play in protecting data, and how is hardware-based encrypting different from alternatives? This session will review key concepts of encryption, industry standards from the Trusted Computing Group for hardware-based encryption, and deploying such drives in the enterprise.
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