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Google Docs Editing Goes Mobile; Firefox 4 Faster In Beta 7

Google Docs Editing Goes Mobile; Firefox 4 Faster In Beta 7
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TOP STORY: Google (Finally) Brings Docs Editing To Mobile Devices

MORE NEWS: Firefox 4 Speed Increases In Beta 7

ANALYTIC REPORT: RFI Responses: The New Data Center Network

WHITEPAPER: From Voice Over IP To Unified Communications: Simplify System Management

SLIDESHOW: RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed

VIDEO: Oxygen Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010

BLOG: Emergency Patch From Adobe Arrives

WEBCAST: Turbulence at the Rack Edge

RESOURCES: Watch Web 2.0 Summit TV!

InformationWeek Daily

InformationWeek Daily


Thursday, November 18, 2010


"We may need to solve problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward even if the cause remains in place." -- Edward de Bono



Google (Finally) Brings Docs Editing To Mobile Devices
Google is rolling out a new version of Docs for Android and iOS devices that will allow them to edit documents directly from the browser.

Native Google Voice Returns To iPhone
Google Rolls Hotpot Mobile Recommendation Tool
Web 2.0: Google CEO Sees Android Phones Replacing Credit Cards


Firefox 4 Speed Increases In Beta 7
With most of the interface and feature work complete, Mozilla turns its attention to improving performance.

Innovation Mandate: The Case For Less Regulation
One think tank fellow thinks the key to spurring innovation and creating jobs is to put a moratorium on regs in a handful of industries, but only temporarily. His proposal doesn't go far enough.

Global CIO: SAP's Striking Turnaround Triggered By Customer-Centric Strategy
The Year's Top Tech Stories: A year ago, SAP was rudderless and lost. Today, under new co-CEOs, innovation is back and frustrated customers are now excited and delighted. (#6 on our Top 10 list.)

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Launch Mobile Payment Network
Isis, backed by three major wireless providers, will let consumers make in-store purchases using smartphones.

Bill Gates Rejects Call To Break Up Microsoft
Tech legend tells frustrated shareholders there's nothing to be gained by splitting company into consumer and enterprise units.

Web 2.0: Facebook CEO Says E-mail Is Too Complicated
"Almost every major product vertical is going to be rethought to be social," said Mark Zuckerberg. "Get on the bus."

Government Launches Site To Reduce Payment Fraud, Errors
In announcing VerifyPayment,gov, the Office of Management and Budget reported it recovered about $687 million in improper disbursements last year.

TSA Turns To YouTube, Twitter Amid Security Backlash
The federal agency is using the Web to defend its use of body scanning X-ray machines and physical pat downs for increased airport security.

Microsoft, Verizon Announce Bundled UC&C
The cloud-based Unified Communications and Collaboration subscription service combines Verizon voice and Internet with Microsoft's BPOS suite.

Web 2.0 Summit: FCC Chairman Sees Past Hindering Broadband Future
Julius Genachowski said the facts don't support the charge that the FCC has done nothing in the past two years.

  Digital Issue  

Fast application deployment is driving outsourcing, and application performance management must keep pace. APM expert Michael Biddick explores strategies and tools to make it happen.

ALSO: Eli Lilly is using the cloud aggressively as it aims to speed R&D and cut costs. Top executives share insights with InformationWeek's John Foley.

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RFI Responses: The New Data Center Network
Today's networks are under increasing pressure to support faster speeds and more virtual machines, and to carry both data and storage traffic. A network upgrade is an ideal time to evaluate the vendor you have in place. It's an opportunity to see whether your vendor's products are a fit with your business requirements or whether another vendor makes more sense.
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Featured Report

Research: Well-Integrated Web Presence
Get strategies and practices for a cohesive approach to your consumer-facing Web sites, based on analysis of our 2010 Corporate Web Presence Survey. Includes impact assessment and best practices framework.
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Featured Report


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From Voice Over IP To Unified Communications: Simplify System Management
Register for this whitepaper to access the advantages of delivering voice over IP (VoIP) and understand how a centralized system saves time and money. Download Now

The Cloud-based Telework Solution
Discover how you can save on facilities and real estate and boost business continuity with a cloud based telework solution. Download Now




RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed
RockMelt, a new browser backed by Mosaic and Netscape web pioneer Marc Andreessen, tightly integrates web browsing with social networking, letting users easily track their Facebook friends, Twitter feeds and changing news feeds, while surfing the web. RockMelt is not the first attempt to reimagine the web browser as a social tool. Back in 2005, the Flock browser was released with similar ambitions. Initially based on Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine, the forthcoming 3.0 version of Flock will, like RockMelt, be based on Google's Chromium browser engine. Despite being just an early preview release, RockMelt offers some of the best social networking features we've seen in a browser and could already be considered one of the best browser choices for heavy Facebook users. And with its Chrome heritage, it is already strong as a standard web browser. Here's a look at some of the key features of the recently released early preview of RockMelt.   View Now


9 Ways Health IT Improves Patient Care

15 Mobile Apps For Better Health


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Oxygen Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010
Julia Mak, Marketing Manager, Oxygen Cloud Interviewed by Steve Kovsky. Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Santa Clara, 2010.   Watch


Saba Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010

Socialcast Presentation E2 Santa Clara 2010




Featured Blogger

Emergency Patch From Adobe Arrives
By George Hulme
Adobe today released a patch designed to patch a number of critical flaws in Adobe Reader. You'll want to patch this one, quickly.


Oasys Software Upgrades Mail Management Tool
By Paul Korzeniowski
Having trouble sorting all of the information in your In Box? Oasys Software's Mail Manager, which is designed to help individuals manage such data, now provides them with a way to capture screen data.

RIM Playbook Browser Takes On iPad
By Ed Hansberry
RIM is still in the final stages of tweaking its tablet OS for the forthcoming Playbook tablet, but even in an unfinished state, it bests the iPad browser in a number of everyday tasks. Will that be enough to win some users over?

SMBs Blocking Facebook, Twitter, Other Social networks
By Keith Ferrell
Employee access to social networks is blocked by half of small and midsized business, security firm Webroot reports. The company's survey also found that malware and data leakage were the top social network fears.

Unlocked Phones Still A Dream In America
By Ed Hansberry
Users in Europe have long been able to buy a phone just about anywhere, slip in their SIM from any network and get voice, text and data access. In the US though, this is just a dream, and will likely continue that way for some time to come.


Turbulence at the Rack Edge
The Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch plays an increasingly critical role in data center networks as they continue to grow and evolve. Tune in and discover what turbulence is occurring at the rack edge in data centers today, as well as new technologies and solutions that enable greater levels of scalability, integration and VM-awareness in purpose-built data center Top-of-Rack switching platforms.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 -- 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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