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Telecom Dirty Tricks | 10 Amazing Facts: Curiosity Mars Landing

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  Tuesday, August 07, 2012
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Curiosity Lands On Mars: 10 Amazing Facts
By Patience Wait
NASA's Mars rover so far has performed flawlessly on one of the most delicate space missions yet. Here's a quick look at what makes Curiosity's work so amazing.
Between The Lines Columnist

Curiosity's Mars Mission: View The Amazing Technology
NASA Creates 3-D Mars Mission App

Cable And Telephone Companies Distort Reality
Telecom incumbents should consider innovating instead of abusing customers and playing fast with the rules.

Samsung Challenges Key Apple Witness' Expertise
Samsung attorney probes industrial design expert Peter Bressler's qualifications to judge whether Samsung phones infringe Apple's patents.

Microsoft Attack Surface Analyzer Catalogs Threats
Free tool helps developers, IT personnel, and security audit teams review threats posed by software installed on a Windows PC.

Google Ends Apps for Teams, Google Video For Business
Google announced that Google Apps for Teams, Google Listen, and Google Video for Business are the next products destined for the cyber-dustbin.

How Topsy Tames Twitter's Big Data Fire Hose
Twitter's Political Index is just a taste of things to come as sophisticated data analysis becomes standard business practice.

Apple Removes YouTube App From iOS 6
Apple says Google is working on a replacement app, but the app will have to be installed by iOS users.

NewsGator Prepares To Leapfrog SharePoint Social Streams
Microsoft is buying Yammer and upgrading social features in SharePoint 2013, but NewsGator continues to find room to make itself useful.

"I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours." -- Hunter S. Thompson


Apple Removes YouTube App From iOS 6
NewsGator Prepares To Leapfrog SharePoint Social Streams
Best Practices: Top Tech Tools for Educators
11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution
Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 Banks On Stylus
Hackers' Favorite Methods for Attacking Web Users
InformationWeek 2012 State of Server Technology Survey

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Posted By Mack Knife:
"Yeah, just where will Acer go, make iMacs? Acer is hardly an innovator of anything, instead riding on the coat tails of others."
In reply to: "Acer Could Leave Windows Camp Over Surface"
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Posted By moarsauce123:
"One way would be to lower the cost of Windows overall. Eventually Microsoft will need to give W8 away for free just so that someone uses it."
In reply to: "Microsoft Surface The Next Zune?"
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Don't get tripped up by these common payment card data security mistakes: failing to vet the auditor, skipping the pre-audit assessment, losing track of your data, and seven more.

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Best Practices: Top Tech Tools for Educators
This report highlights some top applications being developed and used to increase the effectiveness of instruction and the level of student engagement and higher-order thinking from elementary school through postgraduate studies.
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Featured Report
Research: Compliance in the Cloud Era
Just as we're finally getting to a good place with controls, a new pressure is emerging, say the 422 respondents to our 2012 Regulatory Compliance Survey. Enterprises are placing increased reliance on external parties, and 72% of respondents see at least some vendors and partners as a compliance threat. Here's how to minimize your risk.
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Featured Report


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11 Key Questions to Ask of a BI Solution
There are fundamental requirements that a Business Intelligence (BI) solution should deliver to your company. Download this white paper to understand the 11 key questions that you should be asking of a future BI technology partner to ensure you choose a solution that is capable of fulfilling your analytical and reporting needs both today and over time.
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Tablet vs. PC: Make an Educated Choice
In two short years, tablets have gone from a consumer luxury, primarily used for watching video, reading e-books or playing games, to a burgeoning business platform. But enterprise tablet use is still immature, not the result of business need. Download this white paper to learn how to strategically tailor your tablet and PC choices for your business, and capitalize on the growing mobile client devices.
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Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 Banks On Stylus
Samsung tablet will go head-to-head with the new iPad. The stand-out feature is the same note-taking technology found on the Galaxy Note smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III Visual Tour: Android Superphone
Samsung's Galaxy S III looks more elegant and thin than the company's previous smartphones, with an even larger display. It is a fantastic media consumption unit.

Curiosity's Mars Mission: View The Amazing Technology
NASA's high-flying science lab is on a long-term mission to assess the habitability of Mars with tools that include a drill, scoop, camera, and on-board testing.

10 Ways Kindle Fire 2 Must Top Google Nexus
Amazon's upcoming 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 tablet needs these 10 things to take on the Google Nexus and other competitors.

8 Things Tablets Still Can't Do
Have we really entered a post-PC world? The new Apple iPad and its tablet rivals still come up short on a few important measures.


10 Tablets That Will Shake Up 2012
Big screens, small screens, with and without Windows, some with keyboards, and everything in between. Here's a sneak peek at the diverse batch of tablets expected this fall.   View Now

Curiosity's Mars Mission: View The Amazing Technology
Google Nexus 7: Latest Must-Have Tablet


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Jelly Bean Demo On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus
BYTE reviewed Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We found that it operated faster and smoother than the previous operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.   Watch

First Look At Windows 8, Microsoft's Office 2013��
The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World, Part 3



Hackers' Favorite Methods for Attacking Web Users
In this one-hour webinar on Wednesday, August 15, 2012, a leading security expert will discuss cybercriminals' most favored methods for rooking Web users -- and what steps you can take to prevent your users from becoming the next victims. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek 2012 State of Server Technology Survey
We are conducting a survey on the current state of server technology within the enterprise. One lucky participant will be randomly selected to win an iPod Touch!
Survey ends Aug. 10

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