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Tablets Will Replace One In Three PCs

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TOP STORY: Tablets Will Replace One In Three PCs, Study Says

MORE NEWS: Google Chrome OS CR-48 Notebook Reviewed

ANALYTIC REPORT: RFI: The New Data Center Network

WHITEPAPER: Using Multichannel Contact Management to Eliminate Risk

SLIDESHOW: Flock Browses All Your Social Connections

VIDEO: Ron Green Demos Parallel Building Blocks

BLOG: Will You Patch This Tuesday?

WEBCAST: Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

RESOURCES: Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." -- Conrad Hilton



Tablets Will Replace One In Three PCs, Study Says

Analysts at Goldman Sachs say Microsoft and Intel stand to take the biggest hit as consumers embrace slates powered by alternative software and hardware.


Motorola Tablet Spotted Wearing Verizon Logo

iPad Supplanting Print Newspapers

Two Cameras Will Grace Next iPad


Google Chrome OS CR-48 Notebook Reviewed

Google's Chrome OS preview netbook is beautiful and full of promise, but the company's vision for the cloud isn't enough.

Global CIO: Apple, IBM, Or Microsoft: Who Has #1 Most-Valuable Software Product?

The top software-product franchise gets a value of $110 billion, and both Oracle and Microsoft have two entries in the Top 6. But who's #1?

Paul Allen Plans New Claims Against Apple, Google, Facebook

Microsoft co-founder calls judge's dismissal of patent lawsuit "a procedural issue" and says amended complaint is forthcoming.

HP Denies Neoview Cut, Hires SAP Exec

Appointment fuels speculation on impending acquisitions. Internal memo underscores commitment to business intelligence and analytics.

WikiLeaks Botnet Continues Attack On MasterCard Site

"Hacktivists" say their denial of service assaults aren't intended to steal personal financial data, rather to raise awareness of companies that stopped doing business with WikiLeaks.

Dell To Buy Compellent For $960 Million

In purchasing the storage company, Dell hopes to gain an edge against IBM, HP, and other firms, especially in the in the escalating cloud market.

Avaya Bolsters ACE Unified Communications Platform

Agile Communication Environment adds click-to-call integration with Microsoft Communications and IBM Lotus Notes and Sametime.

Google Goes Native With Latitude App

The Latitude app for the iPhone allows continuous location updating, so you always know where your friends are.

'World of Warcraft' Sets PC Game Sales Record

Close on the heels of its "Call of Duty: Black Ops" runaway success, Activision Blizzard's "World of Warcraft: Cataclysm" has sold more than 3.3 million copies in the first 24 hours.

Why Verizon's iPhone Should Have LTE

Though it hasn't been confirmed by either company, it is widely believed the Apple iPhone will be made available to Verizon Wireless in the early months of 2011. Here's why it had better have LTE at launch.

LG Devices Get DivX TV Service

More than 10,000 Internet videos and programs, including Funny or Die and Bablemusic, can be streamed on LG Blu-ray and home theater systems.

Senator Proposes Cybersecurity Standards

The Internet and Cybersecurity Safety Standards Act calls for minimum requirements to protect any device connecting to the Internet.

Postal Service Names CIO

Ellis Burgoyne, who started his USPS career 32 years ago as a letter carrier, was promoted as part of an overhaul of the agency's executive team.

  Digital Issue  


• Data Center Consolidation: Federal agencies must
eliminate 800 data centers over the next five years.
Here's how they plan to do it.
• Reform Plan: Federal CIO Vivek Kundra launches a
25-point plan for reforming federal IT management.
• Government Technologist: The hot-button issue of
where government data resides in the cloud.

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RFI: The New Data Center Network

Eight networking vendors provide detailed information for a network redesign to support server virtualization, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, storage and data convergence, and new Ethernet standards.

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Featured Report

Research: Well-Integrated Web Presence

Get strategies and practices for a cohesive approach to your consumer-facing Web sites, based on analysis of our 2010 Corporate Web Presence Survey. Includes impact assessment and best practices framework.

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Featured Report


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Using Multichannel Contact Management to Eliminate Risk

Understand the finer points of using centralized, multichannel contact management technology to eliminate regulatory risk and drive revenue.
Download Now

Current Web Threats and Web App Security

This white paper examines current trends in Web application security, assessing the present threat environment as well as limitations in existing approaches to protection, and then explores how a Web application firewall solution can overcome these challenges.
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Flock Browses All Your Social Connections

Years before the social networking oriented RockMelt browser there was Flock. Now Flock 3.5 shows that the original social networking browser still has strong features that should interest users looking to integrate social networking into their Web browser. Flock works with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, newsfeeds and, new in this release, LinkedIn. The newest Flock browser is also now based on the Google Chromium engine, providing a faster and more streamlined browsing experience. A social networking sidebar in Flock makes it possible to view status updates from all of your connections on all of your networks and lets users post status updates to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with a single click.   View Now


40 Tech Gifts For The Holiday Season

Google Chrome OS Promises Computing Without Pain


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Featured BloggerWill You Patch This Tuesday?

By Dave Methvin

The Microsoft security sleigh will be laden with patches this coming Tuesday, a bag full of 17 bulletins patching 40 different vulnerabilities in Windows and Office products. With this being a hectic time of the year for many companies, it can bring up some tough choices. What is your company's policy for applying these patches in December?


Cell Phones Significant Part Of Traffic Deaths

By Ed Hansberry

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report on 2009 traffic statistics a few months ago and it should come as no surprise cell phones had a big impact. In traffic deaths that were related to distracted driving, cell phone use of some sort was related in eighteen percent of the incidents.

Researchers: Major Ad Networks Serving Malware

By George Hulme

Researchers at web security firm Armorize Technologies recently discovered that DoubleClick and Microsoft ad networks were serving (for a brief time) a banner ad tainted with malware. The attack could had of impacted millions, the researchers day.

Marketing Website Builder Adds Analytics, Lists

By Jake Widman

The SMB- and entrepreneur-oriented web design platform Clover now supports list pages and provides a quick statistical view of a site's traffic. The do-it-yourself website builder offers nice options that do a lot to overcome some of the drawbacks of Flash sites.

Is The Storage Industry Consolidated?

By George Crump

There have long been predictions that the storage industry would consolidate down to three or four vendors. A few weeks ago EMC made a bid to buy Isilon and yesterday Dell made a bid to buy Compellent for $876 million dollars. These deals come on the heels of the dramatic HP - Dell bidding war over 3PAR. Is the storage industry consolidated? Not even close.


Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

Since 2005, over 510,000,000 potentially sensitive records have been lost, stolen or mishandled. A slew of regulations now require breach notification, meaning enterprises must practice strong data protection. What role does encryption play in protecting data, and how is hardware-based encrypting different from alternatives? This session will review key concepts of encryption, industry standards from the Trusted Computing Group for hardware-based encryption, and deploying such drives in the enterprise.
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Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

For the 14th consecutive year, InformationWeek Analytics is conducting its U.S. IT Salary Survey. To date, over 180,000 IT professionals have participated.

Upon completion, you will be eligible to win a first prize of a Sony Bravia 60-inch HDTV, second prize of a 64-GB Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G, or third prize of a Sony home theater system. You will also be sent a link to download the 2011 U.S. IT Salary Report once it has been published.

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Driving Stronger Business Productivity Through Next Generation End User Computing

Today's IT leaders are charged with empowering the enterprise to become more productive and enable business innovation. While at it, they are also faced by growing technology trends such as Consumerization, Desktop Virtualization that can potentially change the game. This interactive discussion will focus on how these trends impact you, your organization and business outcomes.

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