• 08/18/2006
    6:24 PM
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XenSource CEO Addresses Microsoft, Red Hat-Novell Dispute

XenSource CEO Peter Levine said the partnership with Microsoft ensures Linux will be a "first class" guest on Windows servers.
XenSource CEO Peter Levine spoke with CRN Senior Writer Paula Rooney after his LinuxWorld Expo keynote about his company's partnership with Microsoft and other hot topics.

Prior to joining XenSource in mid February, Levine was a Managing Director at venture capital firm Mayfield Fund. He also was executive vice president in charge of sales and marketing and project development at Veritas and served as an engineer on MIT's Project Athena.

CRN: Some in open source community have criticized your partnership with Microsoft. What's your response to that?

Levine: I appreciate everyone's opinion. Our deal with Microsoft substantiates everything that the open source community believes in and that is Linux becomes a first class citizen in Microsoft's environment. The whole Linux movement now has been validated by Microsoft. That's a big deal.

CRN: You said during your keynote that Microsoft's hypervisor is in some ways similar to Xen. Is XenSource helping Microsoft develop its Viridian virtualization hypervisor for the Windows Server?

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