• 11/28/2002
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E-healthcare provider deploys FalconStor software to manage medical records

The company turned to FalconStor Software Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC) to develop a special script to allow WorldCare to audit file movement on the storage system (see WorldCare Takes Dose of FalconStor).

A feature of FalconStor's IPStor software changes the permissions of every file that is written to WorldCare's NAS servers from read/write to read only. It also journals the changes and produces an audit trail that can be used in reporting on HIPAA to show compliance with the federal law. This way, WorldCare can track exactly who has what file and what images have been changed.

In addition, WorldCare uses IPStor software to provision its storage to Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows, Linux, and Unix clients so that WorldCare users can share folders and files regardless of the operating system they are using.

WorldCare operates in 22 countries, mainly in Asia and the Middle East, collecting radiology images from doctors. It digitizes these images and then transmits them to its hub in Cambridge. From there it sends the images to the WorldCare consortium, where doctors review the material, provide consultation, and then send back the data electronically over WorldCare's virtual private network (VPN). The company has about 50 employees in Cambridge.

"For most hospitals, e-consultation is a cottage industry and so access and retrieval of data is not mission critical," says Joel Khan, CTO of WorldCare. "For us, it's imperative our infrastructure works well... It is core to our business."

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