• 04/28/2011
    10:33 AM
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TwinStrata Announces Availability Of CloudArray Version 2.5

TwinStrata, Inc., the leading innovator in data storage and data protection solutions leveraging cloud storage, today announced the availability of CloudArray Version 2.5. With the latest release, customers will enjoy a host of new features and performance enhancements including volume expansion, bandwidth throttling and scheduling, and automatic metadata backup to the CloudArray portal. In addition, two new physical appliances position CloudArray to meet ever more stringent performance and ava

Bandwidth Throttling and Scheduling -- CloudArray now allows users to vary the amount of network utilization for transmitting data to the cloud according to their preferred schedule.  With this added feature, bandwidth-efficiency is optimized and network utilization can be minimized during peak business hours and maximized during off-peak business hours.

Enhanced Compression -- CloudArray optimizes both outgoing bandwidth and cloud storage capacity with enhanced compression technology with significantly improved data reduction.

Metadata Backup to CloudArray Portal -- CloudArray metadata is now automatically and securely backed up to the CloudArray portal. In the event of a disaster, users simply log into the CloudArray portal with their unique credentials and have immediate access to their metadata.  Using this metadata, users can then instantly restore access to their data on a new appliance.

Model 2S Physical Appliance -- The Model 2S appliance is a high-performance appliance with 10Gb Ethernet connectivity and 2TB of onboard SSD for cache. The combination of high-speed connectivity and SSD storage makes it ideal for performance intensive applications.

Model 3 Physical Appliance -- The Model 3 appliance represents the high-end of the CloudArray model range with 24TB of onboard storage for cache, 10Gb Ethernet connectivity and full redundancy of all critical components. Delivering uncompromising reliability and performance, CloudArray Model 3 is ideally suited for high-availability (HA) enterprise environments.

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