• 02/11/2011
    5:59 PM
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Could EMC Become The Amdahl of Cloud Storage?

There is no doubt that EMC has shipped some Atmos storage since its introduction. Yes, EMC has Atmos. And the company claims that Atmos is specifically designed for the cloud. However, I believe that there are fundamental issues with the way EMC sells Atmos to customers. First of all, if Atmos is cloud storage, then it should be sold on a usage basis. Customers should be charged only for what they use--not for petabytes of capacity up front. After all, isn't that the whole premise of cloud? Lowe

For those who don't know, Amdahl doesn't exist anymore. The company evaporated after trying to push the same old approach on customers for far too long. And if EMC doesn't change its ways as it wanders in the cloud, its journey there may be short-lived.

In addition to the wrong cloud sales strategy, there is the question of whether Atmos can truly scale beyond millions of objects--when billions are required in the cloud, not just millions.

Combine all that with the fact that that the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure and Nirvanix are all advancing the storage-as-a-service model to customers at an increasingly rapid pace, and Analytico is left to wonder if EMC and its investors are in for a rude awakening and may experience a bumpy ride in the cloud.

At the time this blog was written none of the vendors discussed were clients of Tom Trainer, or Analytico. 

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