• 09/30/2009
    3:32 PM
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Buying Server Engines Is Broadcom's Path To Emulex

After several attempts at acquiring Emulex, Broadcom is now suing the company for patent infringement over FCoE.  While this may create some concerns within Emulex' customer base, Emulex customers and prospects will probably freeze, seek alternatives, or proceed with caution. The bigger concern very well may be the future of Emulex's UCNA.

Now, if Broadcom really wanted to buy ...

This could effectively slash Emulex' valuation by 40-50%, if not more. Broadcom, which bid $912M for Emulex a few months ago, will then be in a position to go and acquire the remains of the company for approx. $450M. Combine this with the ServerEngines acquisition, and Broadcom just saved over $250M over its final offer for Emulex.

And this time, the shareholders would most likely eagerly approve. The strategic chess move is in your court, Broadcom. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet

Now of course this is a blog and an opinion but Broadcom is certainly continuing down a path to ultimately acquire Emulex.

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