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Software Patching Too Much Trouble For Most

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TOP STORY: Software Patching Too Much Trouble For Most

MORE NEWS: DHS Rolls Out Airport Body Scanners

ANALYTIC REPORT: Data-Centric Security

WHITEPAPER: Infrastructures for Innovation

BLOG: Cisco To Add 5,500 New Jobs In North Carolina

WEBCAST: Spoofing Server-to-Server Communication: How You Can Prevent It

RESOURCES: The One And Only COMDEX Is Back!

InformationWeek Daily

 Monday, March 8, 2010 


"Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better."
-- Jim Rohn 


Software Patching Too Much Trouble For Most

Automated software patching, common among enterprises, is making its way onto consumer PCs.


Microsoft Drops Anti-Piracy Cop Into Windows 7

Microsoft Patch To Leave IE Hole Open

Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle Release Security Fixes


DHS Rolls Out Airport Body Scanners

Eleven airports are to be outfitted with advanced imaging technology units by the end of the summer, the Department of Homeland Security says.

Adobe, Microsoft Spar Over Flash, Silverlight, HTML5

Adobe and Microsoft execs debate the merits of Flash and Silverlight, the looming threat of HTML5, and the battle for mobile dominance in our weekly Fritz & David Show Podcast.

Ciena Posts $53 Million Loss In Q1

The networking equipment provider is about to double its revenues by acquiring Nortel Network's Metro Ethernet unit for $769 million.

Iatric Introduces Health Data Tool

The patient portal provides online access to electronic health records and can be integrated with Google Health and Microsoft Healthvault.

Leaked Photos Show Microsoft 'Pink' Phones

Pure and Turtle appear to run Windows CE while emphasizing social networking and other Web 2.0 functions.

GSA Preps $35 Billion Networking Contract

The General Services Administration's contract vehicle will be awarded for government agencies' telecom needs.

Apple iPad Coming April 3

Reports of production problems apparently overcome, the Wi-Fi-only version of the Mac maker's touchscreen tablet will ship first.

Court Sides With TiVo In Patent Dispute

The federal appellate ruling could help TiVo in patent-infringement litigation involving AT&T, Verizon Communications, and Microsoft.



Data-Centric Security

In this exclusive report, we explore the link between adoption of DLP and data-centric security and reveal what other technology is just as important, detail best practices to become more focused on data, and discuss when IT can help most by keeping its hands off.

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Featured Report

Integrity Check: 5 Steps to Data-Centric CyberSecurity

It's becoming more challenging to protect sensitive data and systems, and agencies that outsource major applications to the private sector are further abstracting system boundary and perimeter concepts. The answer is a shift in thinking away from yesterday's security approaches and toward data-centric protection via technologies like encryption, data loss prevention, and strong access controls.

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Featured Report


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Infrastructures for Innovation

Check out this white paper to learn how senior IT execs are upgrading their infrastructure to enable remote access to critical applications, enhance customer service and improve productivity and collaboration.
Download Now

BIusiness Intelligence - For Any Business

Oracle's range of offerings to mid-size and emerging companies reflects its vision that BI and EPM solutions can be embraced by companies of all sizes.
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Featured BloggerCisco To Add 5,500 New Jobs In North Carolina

Posted By Bob Evans

Cisco CEO John Chambers says he wants to add more than 5,500 new jobs at the Research Triangle Park, which would give Cisco 10,000 employees at what Chambers called its East Coast headquarters.


Replacing Storage? What To Look For

Posted by George Crump

In our last entry, we discussed how the cost of out-year maintenance will cause you to look for another storage vendor and based on the comments and emails, we struck a nerve. Beyond that issue though what else will make you switch storage vendors?

Apple iPad Goes On Sale April 3

Posted By Eric Zeman

This morning Apple announced that its iPad tablet device will be available for pre-order starting March 12, and it will ship by April 3. That's for the Wi-Fi version, mind you. Apple said the 3G version won't be available until some time later in April.

Details On Windows Phone 7 Development Emerge

Posted By Ed Hansberry

Even though the real nitty gritty on Windows Phone 7 Series development will be at the 2010 Mix event in Las Vegas in just over a week, Microsoft has released some information late Thursday that should shed some light on things. As has been rumored, Silverlight and XNA will be big players in WinPho 7 development, but they aren't the only game in town. .NET and others have been invited to the party too.

Non-Profit Agency Uses Third Party For VM Backup

Posted By Charles Babcock

Customers of a dominant enterprise software supplier often shop around for specialists within their environments who do something a little better than their regular supplier. Marc Hutzell, senior systems administrator at the non-profit German Marshall Fund, is an example in virtualization software.


Spoofing Server-to-Server Communication: How You Can Prevent It

Learn how to prevent the new attack -- SSLStrip -- that exploits weaknesses of generic SSL to compromise server-server communication. You will learn valuable lessons from our presenter, Security Analyst, Larry Seltzer, about how you can prevent high-profile compromises of enterprise networks and breaches of data security.

It happens March 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

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The One And Only COMDEX Is Back!

The landmark tech industry event is returning as a virtual trade show (including a virtual version of the city of Las Vegas) in November.

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Image Gallery: Scenes from the ShmooCon 2010 Hacker Conference

Researchers unleashed BlackBerry spyware, hacked wireless with homemade gadgets, and competed for prizes at the hacker confab held in Washington, DC.


HDI Technical Service & Support World Conference And Expo

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Deadline for Nominations: April 30, 2010.

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