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Simplicita Unveils Program

DENVER -- Simplicita, the company that frees carrier networks from zombies and botnets, today announced its Reputation Data Partner (RDP) Program. The RDP Program is designed to aggregate real-time feeds from the world's leading providers of internet reputation data into the Simplicita ZBX remediation system to help ISPs precisely pinpoint, quarantine, and eliminate botnet-hijacked computers on their networks within minutes of infection The RDP Program's charter members are Cloudmark, Habeas, Shadowserver, and Sophos.

Automated Detection

To identify zombie infected computers, Simplicita ZBX enables ISPs to aggregate and correlate internal reputation data from network devices, application and DNS server logs, and third party data such as spam traps or "honey pots", and complaint feedback loops. With the creation of the RDP Program, leading third party data feeds of IP addresses that belong to zombie infected computers and bad domains that belong to botnets from around the world are pre-integrated with ZBX and supported by Simplicita. This enables carriers to mix and match best of breed reputation data sources and purchase them from a single source. RDP Partners continuously supply live data to Simplicita, which instantly reformats and distributes the information to ZBX deployments at service providers worldwide. The entire process occurs dynamically and within minutes.

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