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The Segued Segway

You know about the Segway right? Those clunky, oversized and overpriced scooters that are supposed to revolutionize pedestrian travel? So far, I haven't seen too many of these things rolling around the streets of New York.

But maybe that's because one of them was stolen.

That's right, the alleged first Segway theft took place right here in Good ol New York. A New York City college student was caught with it, hanging outside a Queens Starbucks, waiting for a "Segway expert" to show up and help him figure out how to start it. Apparently he was having problems getting it rolling without the key (the expert tipped off the cops). The young scamp says he didn't steal it though -- he bought it from a homeless man for $75.


Given his interest in Segways, I'm sure he won't mind the "segue" from campus dorm to prison cell. They're both about the same size.

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