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Security Neglect Helped Anonymous | iPad Rivals Fire Back

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, March 8, 2012
Between The Lines ColumnistiPad Rivals Fire Back
By Eric Zeman
Samsung and Nvidia respond to harsh comparisons Apple made during launch of the new iPad with criticisms of their own.

iPads Don't Work For These SMBs
New iPad: What Apple Left Out

Anonymous Hackers' Helper: IT Security Neglect
Despite successful FBI arrests of members of LulzSec and Anonymous, hacktivist attacks will continue so long as easy-to-exploit weaknesses persist. How much are our security practices to blame?

5 Leadership Skills CIOs, Senators Share
Georgia state senator John Albers says his former CIO career prepared him well for the perils of politics. Consider his advice on key leadership traits for both roles.

Healthcare Security Pros Must Speak More Like CFOs
Financial Impact of Breached Protected Health Information report helps health IT pros make the business case for patient data protection.

Mobile Device Input: 2 Intriguing New Technologies
Check out our video coverage of mobile input technologies shown at Mobile World Congress. One uses haptics to let you "feel" the relative...

The Myth Of Big Data
It's time to check in with our good buddy Stu Laura, CIO Supreme, about big data and what his company is doing about it.

Analytics Drives Next Generation Of Moneyball In Sports
Professional sports teams now use deep analytics to drive decisions about nearly every aspect of the game. A recent conference drew practitioners -- and job seekers in this new career path.

Jive Packages Social Software For Customer Service
Jive's Customer Service Solution brings internal and external enterprise social networking together, packaged to improve service and support.

There is always some specific moment when we become aware that our youth is gone; but, years after, we know it was much later. -- Mignon McLaughlin


Analytics Drives Next Generation Of Moneyball In Sports
Jive Packages Social Software For Customer Service
Research: Cloud ROI
Does SIEM Make Sense For Your Company?
New iPad: What Apple Left Out
Private PaaS For The Enterprise: Myth Or Reality?
IT Spending Survey

Posted By AS71:
"My neice and nephew both have ipads they lay unused on the dresser they spend most of their time.on their phones both androids. Sorry the ipad had failed to impress us."
In reply to: "iPad Rivals Fire Back"
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Posted By AS71:
"Who is going to be able to build a tablet for less than half the cost of Apple when Apple has much higher volumes from all of the suppliers?"
In reply to: "Windows 8 Tablets Could Be Risky Business"
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Also this issue: • Randy Mott named CIO of General Motors
• How Dell is pushing into the enterprise
• Eight key features in Windows 8

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Research: Cloud ROI
A majority of the respondents to our survey are using cloud, but few are highly likely to comprehensively evaluate ROI for the life span of a project. Will runaway costs end up public enemy No. 1 as providers jack up prices and elasticity demand bounces back to bite us?
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Featured Report
Fundamentals: Understanding Flat Networks
We explore standards-based approaches to designing a flat network, including TRILL and SPB, as well as proprietary vendor implementations. Plus we discuss the implications of moving to a flat network, and provide guidance to help you decide whether this approach is the right one for your data center.
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Featured Report


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Does SIEM Make Sense For Your Company?
A security information and event management system serves as a repository for all the security alerts and logging systems from a firm's devices. But this can be overkill for a company that is understaffed or has overestimated its security information needs. In this report, we discuss 10 questions to ask yourself in determining whether SIEM makes sense for you--and how to pick the right system if it does.
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The Executive Guide to Agile BPM
How adept is your enterprise at optimizing all its business processes — including the dynamic, knowledge-based and collaborative work that drives competitive advantage? Determine whether your business process management solution promotes agility by equipping teams to seamlessly navigate unpredictable pathways and coordinate within and across corporate boundaries, and by providing real-time insight into business process performance.
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New iPad: What Apple Left Out
Apple didn't overlook much in the new iPad, but Siri and a few other features are missing.

Windows 8 Beta: Visual Tour
Take a closer look at Microsoft's radically revamped Windows 8 OS, out now in a consumer preview version. Here's the lowdown on features, apps, hardware, and more.

LulzSec Sabu Arrest: Don't Relax Yet, IT
LulzSec mastermind arrested, but security experts warn this is no time to let down your guard for this type of threat.

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts
Anonymous 'hacktivists' aim to expose what they call government and establishment hypocrisy. Take a closer look at the group, its offshoots, and its infamous attacks.

Intel Xeon E5: Server Chips With Virtualization Secrets
Chips used to be all about clock speeds and shrinking circuit size. But Intel's newest chips for data center servers are all about networking, I/O, and data movement, in the age of virtualization.


10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress
Explore the sights from Mobile World Conference 2012, Barcelona, where the Google booth slide is always open and the food and fashion never disappoint.   View Now

Windows 8 Beta: Visual Tour
10 Sights To See: Mobile World Congress


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Inpris Not-So-Impressive Gesture-Based Tablet Input
Users have struggled to adapt to various ways to input data (type e-mail, edit documents) on phones and tablets -- virtual keyboards, haptics, sounds and so on. Inpris thinks the answer is in gestures. Interesting concept, but we're not sold.   Watch

MWC 2012: NFC-powered Parking Meters and Retail, courtesy of NXP
NQ Mobile Automates Mobile Malware Detection on Android



Private PaaS For The Enterprise: Myth Or Reality?
This Cloud Connect webcast looks at the landscape and drivers for private platform as a service and issues for enterprises moving development resources to the cloud. It happens March 7. More Information & Registration

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IT Spending Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey on IT spending priorities. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 16-GB Apple iPad 2.
Survey ends March 9

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