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RIM Outage: Big Questions | Microsoft Counters Exadata

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Friday, October 14, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistMicrosoft Counters Exadata With SQL Server Appliance
By Doug Henschen
Appliance built on HP hardware promises database consolidation and rapid, virtualized private-cloud deployment.

Microsoft Adds Big Data To SQL Server 2012
Oracle OpenWorld: What Enterprise IT Wants

RIM Outage Explanation Leaves Big Questions
RIM did more dancing around the issues than frank sharing as it tried to explain the BlackBerry outage--leaving CIOs to speculate. And goodwill's running short.

New Version Of Zeus Leverages Peer-To-Peer Technology
Update could make it more difficult to take down fraud operations, researcher says.

What Is 4G? Senators Want To Know
U.S. lawmakers want carriers to define 4G so consumers know what they are buying.

Google Revenue Surge Sets Record
Google posts almost $10 billion in revenue for quarter, says 550,000 Android devices being activated daily.

Web 2.0 Expo: Facebook's Next Phase And Your Business
Buddy Media CEO Michael Lazerow says you'd better get ready for the next phase of Facebook, which is about more than building connections.

Apple iPhone 4S Supply Scarce For Launch Day
iPhone 4S may be in short supply when it launches on October 14, based on checks of Apple's carrier partner website.

Farewell Dennis Ritchie, Father Of C And Unix
Behind his understated elegance and modesty hummed a motor of remarkable technical creativity.

Be as a tower firmly set; Shakes not its top for any blast that blows. -- Dante Alighieri


Apple iPhone 4S Supply Scarce For Launch Day
Farewell Dennis Ritchie, Father Of C And Unix
Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Research Revealed: Rethink your Network Infrastructure to Decrease Costs
9 Apple iOS 5 Features That Matter
Broken State of Backup
Take Our Survey On Social Networking In The Enterprise

Don't Miss Gov Cloud 2011
We're on hand all next week for the 2011 Web 2.0 summit. This year's theme is "Data Frame." Not only will we be bringing you the complete live stream of all of the Web 2.0 Summit sessions, we'll also be reporting on everything that's noteworthy from the Summit floor.

Posted By tzimmerman191:
"Wonder how Mr. Bloomberg will like it when TECHIES take to the streets instead of the group that is now protesting. Will he listen more if they are U.S. citizens wearing business suits and have unemployment checks in their back pockets?"
In reply to: NYC Mayor: U.S. Needs More Foreign Tech Talent
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  Digital Issue  
Virtualization support, memory, and bandwidth are in, our annual survey finds. Unified fabrics and efficiency? Not so much.

Also: • Steve Jobs Remembered
• iPhone 4S' Siri
• Adobe Takes HTML5 To The Cloud

And much more, exclusively in our October 10 Digital Issue

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Managed Services Deliver Cost Savings And Control
Companies that have implemented or are evaluating managed print services look to the model for its ability to reduce costs and increase end user productivity. However, IT teams need to be aware of security and scalability when selecting a partner.
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Featured Report

Key Steps To Safeguarding Your VM Disk Files
We provide best practices for backing up VM disk files and building a resilient infrastructure that can tolerate hardware and software failures. After all, what's the point of constructing a virtualized infrastructure without a plan to keep systems up and running in case of a glitch--or outright disaster?
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Featured Report


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Research Revealed: Rethink your Network Infrastructure to Decrease Costs
Enterprises must optimize the design of their network infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of data, voice and video applications. Review recent Gartner research that explains how segmenting the network infrastructure into foundational building blocks provides clarity on the networking requirements and will assist you to make better vendor choices at each layer of the network.
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In-House Malware Analysis: Why You Need It, How to Do It
Vulnerability management identifies and closes exploitable holes in your enterprise network. But some systems remain vulnerable, and traditional antivirus and perimeter defenses are proving less effective against sophisticated malware, targeted attacks and zero-day exploits. Learn why malware analysis, tied closely to incident response, is an essential complement to enterprise vulnerability management programs.
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9 Apple iOS 5 Features That Matter
Apple has added more than 200 new features to iOS 5, many of which are designed to help iPhones and iPads catch up with Android.

iOS 5 Launch Becomes Update Disaster
When Apple's iOS 5 became available Wednesday, many people were plagued by installation problems that bricked devices.

Apple iPhone 4S Supply Scarce For Launch Day
iPhone 4S may be in short supply when it launches on October 14, based on checks of Apple's carrier partner websites.

Early iPhone 4S Reviews Praise Siri
The first reviews of the Apple iPhone 4S are in. We've curated some of the best, to give you a peek at everything from speed to Siri.

Farewell Dennis Ritchie, Father Of C And Unix
Behind his understated elegance and modesty hummed a motor of remarkable technical creativity.



10 Smart Enterprise Uses For Twitter From recruiting to keeping an eye on the competition, Twitter can help your company do certain jobs much better. Check out these 10 tips.   View Now

15 Tech Venture Capitalists Worth Knowing
Steve Jobs: 11 Acts Of Vision


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VMware at InformationWeek 500
Cornelius Willis, VP of Global Enterprise Marketing at VMware, finds the right audience with the right sets of concerns at InformationWeek 500 which dovetails into their marketing programs.   Watch

Verizon Developer Community Conference
Steve Jobs: The Tech Industry Pays Tribute



Broken State of Backup
Data protection industry analysts agree that "backup is broken." In this webcast we'll identify key areas where current backup models are failing and how to resolve those issues. It happens Thursday, October 20, 2011 -- Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET More Information & Registration


Take Our Survey On Social Networking In The Enterprise
InformationWeek is conducting a survey on the use of social networking applications in the enterprise. Respond to the survey and be eligible to win an iPod Touch.
Survey ends Oct. 14.

Take Our Data Center Convergence Survey: You Could Win An iPod Touch!
We are conducting a 10-minute survey to explore the adoption of data center technologies that support convergence and whether convergence is helping-or hindering-IT in supporting the business. Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32GB iPod touch valued at $299 from UBM TechWeb.
Hurry, Ends October 7th!

GovCloud 2011
GovCloud 2011 is a day-long event where IT professionals in federal, state, and local government will develop a deeper understanding of the options available. Join us for this insightful gathering of government IT executives to hear first-hand about the challenges and opportunities of cloud computing.
It happens in Washington, D.C, on Oct. 25

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