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RFID Reader Shipments Up

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. -- The global market for RFID readers and reader modules grew to more than 35,500 unit shipments in 2005, according to new metrics released by ABI Research. In addition, the analysis reveals that reader unit volumes grew nearly 14% in Q1 2006 compared to Q1 2005. These market size findings were published today as part of ABI Research's groundbreaking RFID Reader Market Sizing Database, which was compiled in collaboration with leading global RFID equipment manufacturers.

"By aggregating quarterly RFID reader shipment data from the industry's top suppliers, we are pleased to be the first in the industry to provide a truly accurate quantification of this fast-growing market," says Michael Liard, ABI Research's practice director for RFID and Contactless. Liard adds that the new database has a core focus on passive supply chain technologies, particularly those employing UHF technologies. "Given the current state of the market, such selectivity is particularly timely and relevant. Future updates to our market metrics will include additional frequency ranges, active technologies, and other applications."

ABI Research also publishes a similar RFID tag IC market sizing database, built in partnership with top RFID manufacturers worldwide. "With both tag IC and reader databases," says Liard, "by receiving actual volume data from leading RFID suppliers, ABI Research is in a position to provide comprehensive quarterly shipment research that spans the range of hardware, and to maintain effective tracking of supply side dynamics."

The RFID Reader Market Sizing Database is one of a number of components that make up ABI Research's RFID Research Service: in addition it contains an RFID forecast database (examining technologies, applications, and markets through 2011), specialized research reports, the ABI Vendor Matrix, ABI Insights, analyst inquiry support, and regular updates that analyze RFID market developments quarter by quarter.

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