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WOBURN, Mass. -- Sentrigo, Inc., an innovator in database security software, today announced that Limited, the world-renowned Oracle security consultancy headed by Pete Finnigan, has become a Sentrigo partner and will resell the Hedgehog Enterprise™ and Hedgehog IDentifier™ products. Sentrigo works with numerous international partners to reach customers worldwide; Limited is Sentrigo’s first partner based in the U.K. and will offer Hedgehog to customers in that country and beyond. Limited, based in York, England, specializes in Oracle database security audits and training, and offers detailed Oracle security IT health checks and remediation.

“There are several products on the market that aim to protect corporate databases, but I believe Sentrigo’s is the first to really address the problem,” said Finnigan. “Other database activity monitoring products monitor network traffic, but this is simply of no help in spotting and stopping direct intrusions from company insiders who can readily bypass firewalls and network appliances. Hedgehog’s ease of use, configurability and design make me excited to offer the product to my own clients.”

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