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PC Tools Unveils Threat Expert

SAN FRANCISCO -- PC Tools reports record sales and growth for 2006 as it launches an updated version of award-winning Spyware Doctor and now offers a new Internet security tool—Threat Expert—to protect social networks and content providers.

“We are building a strong base for growth,” said Simon Clausen, CEO of PC Tools. “This year will be even more exciting than last year, which was very successful in both sales and in the development of new products.”

This week PC Tools unveiled Threat Expert—an automated technology that enables businesses such as social networking sites, search engines, security researchers and any other content sharing firm to analyze and decode online threats in a matter of minutes.

“Threat Expert has been in development for two years and the results are stunning. We can typically decode unknown viruses and spyware in a matter of minutes and determine if they are dangerous threats,” said Clausen.

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