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PacketMotion Upgrades PacketSentry

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- PacketMotion, the leading authority on Identity Intelligence™ solutions for the enterprise, today announced that the company has strengthened its PacketSentry solution with new granular search and alert capabilities. These new features further strengthen PacketSentry’s lead in providing easy access to very granular information about network activity. For the first time, IT professionals can not only collect and analyze all activity in their enterprise network, they can search and alert on information down to the filename level in real-time.

With these new capabilities, detailed data including file names, applications, and user/server names collected by PacketSentry is fully searchable and PacketSentry’s alerting feature allows for automatic notification when specific directories or files are opened, forbidden applications are used, or thresholds are exceeded. Full search capabilities enable IT professionals to see with a couple of clicks all users who have accessed specific files or directories, or identify at a glance all the files opened by a particular user. Thus, IT professionals can proactively track and monitor illicit internal network activity, including employee and third party breaches and theft, as well as meet compliance requirements and enforce business policies.

“The increased incidence of illicit network activity continues to cause widespread IT and legal hurdles for many organizations,” said Paul Smith, CEO of PacketMotion. “PacketSentry’s new features address the growing demand for easy-to-use monitoring tools that will help enterprises identify illicit network activity real-time and protect their intellectual property.”

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