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One in Six PCs Infected

DERBY, U.K. -- [Prevx], leaders in Automated Malware Research, today announced the results from checks for active spyware and malware on nearly 300,000 PCs during the last 30 days. The scans were performed by users downloading its free Prevx Computer Security Investigator (CSI). The results show that of 290,647 PCs scanned a staggering 45,251 (15.6 percent) had one or more active spyware or malware infection.

“Internet users must be more vigilant while top security firms find more effective solutions to provide adequate protection,” said Jacques Erasmus, Director of Malware Research at Prevx.

The infection rates among computers that did not employ any type of security software were 60 percent higher than those using popular security products; the number of active infections on these systems was markedly higher. The infection rates are shown in Chart 1 for PCs running security products from popular brands.

Prevx Ltd.