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InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Thursday, August 18, 2011
Between The Lines Columnist3 Security Lessons From BART's Anonymous Breach
By Robert Strohmeyer
As BART continues to face attacks from the hacker group Anonymous, its security weak points have become painfully obvious. Here's what your IT staff can learn from BART's mistakes.

5 Most-Ignored IT Security Best Practices
DOD Expanding Contractor Cybersecurity Program

5 Smartphone Location Tracking Myths, Busted
Apple, Google, and Microsoft are taking renewed heat over smartphone location tracking, but the topic is fraught with misunderstanding. Keep these points in mind.

Nokia CEO: Google's Motorola Buy Bad For Android
Android device makers should be wary of how Google's acquisition of Motorola will affect their relationship with Google, says Nokia CEO Stephen Elop.

Web Vs. Native Development: There's No Winner
There are reasons to develop for the Web and reasons to develop native apps. Here are eight points to consider.

Android Owners Love Mobile Apps More Than Web
The top 50 apps consume most of users' time; other apps and the mobile Web can't really compete, reports Nielsen.

Windows 8 To Include App Store
Microsoft’s next PC operating system will offer features users might ordinarily expect to find on a tablet or smartphone.

ScaleBase Offers 'Get-Out-Of-Jail Card' To MySQL Users
Startup launches system to scale up MySQL databases without the need to change applications.

Why Enterprises Should Study Social Experience Design
Social apps and projects require a different vocabulary and toolset than traditional app development, says Gartner's Ray Valdes.

"What helps people, helps business." -- Leo Burnett


ScaleBase Offers 'Get-Out-Of-Jail Card' To MySQL Users
Why Enterprises Should Study Social Experience Design
Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
Top 5 Challenges for Protecting and Managing Virtual Server Data
VMware Pricing Controversy: Users Say Microsoft Door Open
The End User Experience: The Metric that Matters
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Posted By nicko:
"Nokia is just trying to stir things up and turn Android manufacturers against each other - duh! They are directly competing against all Android manufacturers and are trying to justify their decision while shooting a few arrows into the enemy camp. Your competitor's CEO is generally not who you want to look to for advice on your company's direction."
In reply to: Nokia CEO: Google's Motorola Buy Bad For Android
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Posted By dyoung804:
"As a customer of VM products, or any comparable IT product and service for that matter, you need to guard against getting yourself painted into a corner by your supplier. It is difficult, no question, particular for what is generally an excellent product in VMware, and more notably with the excellent new features in vSphere 5."
In reply to: VMware Pricing Controversy: Users Say Microsoft Door Open
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  Digital Issue  
UC Gotchas: Lessons from five companies on the front lines of implementing unified communications.

ALSO: Making The UC Case: Mike Fratto discusses the right way to go about it.

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Database Breaches: Lessons Learned From Real-World Attacks
In this Tech Center report, we profile five database breaches--and extract the lessons to be learned from each. Plus: A rundown of six technologies to reduce your risk.
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State Of Storage 2011 Report: Consolidation And Centralization
Download this report to see how smart CIOs will accelerate this trend by adopting new multipurpose arrays and converged networks.
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Top 5 Challenges for Protecting and Managing Virtual Server Data
From exploding backup windows to application object-level recoveries, the drive to extend virtual server capabilities across the data center can be fraught with difficulty. Discover the key challenges for protecting virtual server data and learn how to overcome them.
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Four Steps to Better Application Management and Deployment
Application management and deployment are only getting more difficult. Applications are complex and error prone to deploy because each application makes unique requirements on the underlying IT environment supporting it. Download this white paper to discover four steps to automate application management and deployment and learn how to deploy application operations for your business users whether they are in traditional, virtualized, or cloud environments.
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VMware Pricing Controversy: Users Say Microsoft Door Open
InformationWeek surveyed IT pros about VMware's recent licensing policy change and their virtualization plans. They had plenty to say about VMware--and Microsoft.

Best Buy To HP: Take Your TouchPads Back
Best Buy has received 270,000 TouchPads from HP but has only sold 25,000 of them, report says.

Microsoft To Reveal Windows 8 Details
Upcoming BUILD conference and new blog will give developers and users first insights into what Redmond calls a "reimagined" operating system.

6 Key Facts About Firefox 6
Firefox 6 has officially launched. Here are the six most important things you should know about the latest Mozilla browser.

VMware Pricing Controversy: Exclusive User Research
Check out what IT pros had to say about VMware's recent licensing policy change in this survey.



Top 20 Add-Ons For Microsoft SharePoint Boost SharePoint's collaboration and file-sharing powers with third-party add-ons. Here's a visual tour of some favorites.   View Now

VMware Pricing Controversy: Exclusive User Research
10 Essential Google+ Tips


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WhisperCore Mitigates Risks Of Android In Businesses
TechWebTV catches up with Whisper Systems' CTO and co-founder Moxie Marllinspike to discuss and demo WhisperCore -- a mobile security solution that brings BlackBerry-like centralized enterprise-grade security to Android devices.   Watch

MANDIANT CSO Talks Threats To His Company and His Clients
Intel Labs Invests in the Future of Cloud and Embedded Computing



The End User Experience: The Metric that Matters
Don't miss this informative webcast, sponsored by Quest Software, exploring the value of monitoring web application performance from the user perspective. It happens Thursday, August 25, 2011 -- Time: 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET More Information & Registration


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