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XML, XML Everywhere

If I get a press release lately it's guaranteed to at least mention XML somewhere.

Solace Systems announces its new 3200 Series Multiservice Router today. The 3200 provides routing of XML messages, but not in the way you'd think - it's more like DNS for Web Services than it is a simple XML router. The 3200 is a carrier grade router, targeted at the telco market as a means of provided value add services. The 3200 includes custom silicon to speed parsing of XML messages and boasts a content-aware control plane which extends OSPF-like protocols into the application layer.
The 3200 utilizes a publish/subscribe model, which will allow enterprises to subscribe to services hosted across a meshed network of 3200 Series routers providing reliable, secure transport of XML based services.

Forum Systems has teamed up with Computer Associates to offer the first XML virus scanning capable product in the XML space. Dubbed "XAV" (XML Anti-virus), the module will be available today for its product line.

Because Web services firewalls/security gateways, like Forum's Sentry and XWall and offerings from Reactivity, Sarvega, Actional and DataPower, often end up being the point of entry into the enterprise for Web Services traffic that traffic often bypasses traditional AV scanners. SOAP 1.2, which in addition to the core SOAP protocol specifies how to deal with attachments, is growing in use and as more and more attachments flow through these systems it becomes imperative that these attachments be scanned for viruses and malware that may end up on a users desktop and, ultimately, infect the entire enterprise.
While we haven't seen this method used maliciously yet, it is believed that several viruses have entered various organizations accidently, making the need for a product like Forum's XAV that much more timely and necessary.