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Wireless Technology Brings Broadband To Non-Urban Businesses

Next week, two service providers in Colorado will provide some insight on how difficult-to-serve non-urban businesses can be offered broadband services.

Low density areas have created challenges for services providers and equipment manufacturers looking to offer business-class broadband connectivity in these underserved areas. These areas are difficult to serve with traditional broadband solutions (DSL and cable, for instance) in a cost-effective manner. But maturing wireless technologies are bridging that gap, democratizing the broadband market.

Mesa Networks, a wireless Internet service provider, and AirWave Access, a wireless broadband service provider will announce that they are using bandwidth shaping technology to provide broadband services that rival traditional services in terms of both quality and speed by managing and optimizing traffic.

They will use a bandwidth shaping solution from APconnections that uses built-in rules-based, application-level traffic-shaping technology to dynamically control traffic based on current network usage, including traffic levels and application types.

According to company officials, when the network is congested, a fairness algorithm in the bandwidth shaper (marketed under the brand name NetEqualizer) favors business class applications, including Web browsing, chat and email, at the expense of large file downloads. This will allow network administrators and operators to maintain high levels of service for priority traffic without having to purchase additional bandwidth.