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Wireless SLAs: Hype Or Boon?

Last month, Sprint became the first U.S. wireless carrier to provide service level agreements (SLAs) for its wireless service. The SLA gives service credits to enterprise customers if service falls below specified levels.

But is Sprint's SLA a boon for enterprises or is it more hype than reality? And will other carriers follow suit?

Industry analysts are divided on those issues and Sprint's competitors are playing it close to the vest. But analysts are agree that, whatever the merits of Sprint's SLA, it will shake up the wireless industry and will help enterprises get better, more centralized wireless service.

A Good Thing Or Marketing Hype?

Sprint's SLA gives the customer a 10 percent service credit if, on a national basis, two percent or more of the customer's calls are blocked or dropped or if network availability dips under 99.9 percent.

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