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Wireless Mesh Nets Set To Surge: Report

Wireless mesh technology is surging as a way to provide low-cost broadband access services, according to a new report from Unstrung Insider.

Municipal networks, wireless DSL, and mobile VoIP applications are the driving forces behind the growing interest in wireless mesh, the report finds. The report analyzes 27 separate mesh products for outdoor citywide and neighborhood-scale networks, and finds that the infrastructure mesh market will substantially grow as the equipment starts to mature.

While there is a great deal lot interest in the technology, wireless ISPs and other network operators interviewed stressed the importance of setting realistic expectations for growth. Analyst Gabriel Brown said in a statement, "Wireless LAN technology is optimized for local area networks. Scaling up to the metro level can work, but most deployments today are focused on low-cost 'good-enough-to-get-by' coverage; blanket coverage across entire cities isn't yet realistic."

The report found that the average list price of mesh nodes is $3,750, with an average price per radio of $1,500. It says the pricing will become more aggressive in the future.