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Winemaker Stores No E-Mail Beyond Its Time

The IT group at Foster's Wine Estates Americas once spent three days recovering an executive's e-mail inbox after an administrative assistant inadvertently wiped it out. IT restored most of the inbox from tape--but it could not recover all the messages.


IT execs knew that incident was just a taste of things to come for Foster's if it didn't do something about its e-mail storage. The U.S. division of the Australia-based Foster's Wine Estates had no archival strategy for its e-mail and only backup stores of tape and, more recently, disk. So, late last year, Foster's installed an e-mail management system from Mimosa Systems that handles archiving, discovery and recovery for its Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server mail architecture. "E-mail is now a critical application here, so it requires a 48-hour recovery in the event of a disaster," says Brad Gates, director of IT infrastructure for the $600 million Napa, Calif.-based company, which owns and operates several major U.S. wineries such as Beringer's and Meridian.

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