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Why Enterprises Aren't Signing Up For Fiber Access

Conventional wisdom says that with converged networks spanning branch offices or divisional headquarters, enterprises are signing up for broadband fiber optic access in droves.

But the conventional wisdom is thoroughly wrong, according to a new survey from the research firm Vertical Systems Group. The group found that only 11.7 percent of medium-to-large U.S. business sites (those with 20 or more employees) are connected to a service provider's network via optical fiber.

And that access is growing at a snail's pace. Erin Dunne, director of Research Services for the Vertical Systems Group, says that 10.2 percent of medium-to-large U.S. businesses were connected by fiber two years ago, which translates into growth of only 15% over two years.

If broadband has become a must-have for enterprises, especially those building converged networks, why isn't fiber access growing more quickly?

What's Holding Back Fiber

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