When The Cloud And SDN Collide

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Mix hybrid cloud and SDN, and you get a complex mess that's difficult to manage. Applying consistent, application-based policies can help.



Standards are difficult to reach but, once they are agreed upon it helps to cut costs a lot. Accounting is similar, if every economic region has a different accounting standard then, cross communication of accounting data can create a lot of translation cost. In the same way, if in-house SDN is of a different standard than, public cloud SDN -- the benefits of hybrid cloud might be lost in the translation costs.

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Good points!

One often wonders why so many Solution Vendors specialize in making life incredibly difficult for end-users by not permitting Interoperability of the kind and degree you are mentioning here.

Its the sad reality of IT Systems Management that even today we don't get enough Interoperability for major Systems.

This is the only way to really compare Apples to Apples in most Enterprises.


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nice post

Re: Standards

nice post thank you