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WebEx Ships On Most Sony VAIO Laptops

WebEx Communications Inc. and Sony Japan said Tuesday they have teamed up to offer Web collaboration services to VAIO Pro laptop users.

Sony will pre-install a desktop icon that links to the WebEx trial on all new TX and BX series models, as well as some SZ models.

With one click, users will have an option to create Web meetings where they can share documents, applications, video, whiteboards and desktops. Sony's new VAIOs will also come with built-in Web cameras and microphones.

The deal could help WebEx expand internationally, aside from its partnership with BT Conferencing Inc., a division of European telecommunications company British Telecommunications plc. The majority of WebEx's revenue comes from North America, about 86 percent of $308 million in the 2005 calendar year.

WebEx's agreement with Sony should also put the company on even footing against rival Microsoft Corp., said Rod Ratliff, an analyst at Stanford Group Co., which doesn't have an investment banking relationship with WebEx.

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