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The VoIP Provider That Won't Stay Dead

Ah, the wacky world of VoIP. First SunRocket, a VoIP provider closes its doors suddenly, leaving approximately 200,000 customers in the lurch.

Now the company formerly known as dead is showing signs of life by suing Vonage, another VoIP provider, saying the company used its subscriber list without paying for it.Writes Network World: "When SunRocket was in its final throes, it was negotiating for Vonage to buy the list of 200,000 subscribers, but talks fell through."

But Russell Shaw of ZDNet is perplexed: "The question of why SunRocket would be having these sort of discussions more than a month before they closed up shop is worthy enough to be asked," he writes.

Shaw quotes one of his readers who sent him this email: "Doesnt this implywell, pretty much acknowledge that SunRocket in fact KNEW that they were not long for this world, had plenty of time to warn their customer, yet did nothingjust closed up shop and left 200,000 subscribers stranded. And THEYRE suing???"

Ah, those crazy, crazy VoIP providers. They can drive you mad, what with the revenge they can exact from the grave, the fact that they can leave you without a moment's notice, not to mention that their service can flicker off and then back on and there is nothing you can do about it.

But, man, are they cheap.