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Voice Over WLAN

Evaluation Particulars

What did we consider appropriate for this review?

We considered products oriented toward delivery of enterprise-class voice telephony services using handheld devices over standards-based Wi-Fi 802.11 wireless LANs.
We also considered both hardware and software phone systems, but any soft phones would have to run on a true handheld computing device. Soft phones running on Windows-based notebook computers weren't considered for our review.

Products were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Basic telephony services
  • System performance and scalability
  • Advanced voice and data features
  • Integration with voice network infrastructure
  • Integration with data network infrastructure
  • System operation and management
  • Interoperability and adherence to standards
  • Cost of ownership

Our tests evaluated the suitability of products for a range of enterprise applications. Depending on the mix of products submitted for testing, we chose to evaluate the hardware- and software-based solutions separately.

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