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Vivisimo Offers Targeted Search Service For Mobile Phone Users

In a move to bring mobile phone search results to users, Vivisimo has teamed up with Japan's Bitratings to create a clustered search service for mobile devices.

"By offering consumers a search engine enhanced by dynamic clustering of results, mobile users will be able to find the information they're looking for in less time with less frustration and despite the fact that they are searching the vastness of the Internet," Takashi Sato, Bitratings president, said in a statement.

Using KDDI phones, consumers click on a keyword search menu or navigate on the Web by typing in URLs. In the service, Bitratings keyword search function combined with page crawling and page ranking produce results that are organized into folders utilizing Vivisimo technology.

Vivisimo said the service will be offered through its Groupnet Corp. reseller in Japan and through other OEM arrangements.