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Vantrix Launches Bandwidth Savings Calculator For Video Optimization

MONTREAL (BUSINESS WIRE) Vantrix, the global leader of video optimization and delivery solutions for streaming, browsing and messaging, today announced the release of Vantrix Bandwidth Savings Calculator. This interactive tool is designed to help mobile carriers plan for the explosive growth of video in their data network.

"One of the greatest challenges facing the mobile carrier today is keeping up with the demand in mobile video from a network infrastructure standpoint," said Patrick Lopez, Chief Marketing Officer of Vantrix. "Vantrix Bandwidth Savings Calculator is a tool that illustrates how Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer reduces the costs of delivery of video as the demand grows over time."

Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer compresses and optimizes all video content in real-time, while maintaining the highest quality of experience. It removes congestion on the networks, thus enabling more data to be sent. Furthermore it also delays investment in network infrastructure expansion - thereby helping to reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

"With video traffic expected to contribute more than 70 percent to total mobile data traffic by 2015, mobile operators simply cannot ignore exploring different ways to manage this traffic growth cost-effectively," says Vikrant Gandhi, Senior Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "The interactive Vantrix Bandwidth Savings Calculator tool presents an opportunity for mobile operators to analyze the benefits of deploying an advanced mobile data optimization solution in their networks, such as Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer, and develop a long-term strategy for mobile data."

An abridged version of Vantrix Bandwidth Savings Calculator is currently available at This version illustrates:
    * Incremental infrastructure costs per Gbps
    * Projected peak capacity of data and video over 5 years
    * Video distribution across laptops, smartphones and feature phones
    * Incremental yearly costs and savings due to the introduction of Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer

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