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Unix Vs. NT: 2004

Constants, you can always count on them

In the August 18th issue of Network World, that's 1997 folks, I wrote an article entitled, Doing The Math To Resolve The NT Vs. Unix Debate.

In this piece, now a Unix/Linux literary masterpiece, I extolled the virtues of price efficiency of running a Unix or Linux server. (This is not to say all Linux gurus are particularly nice people. See Some Linux Supporters Are Overzealous.)

Anyway, in 1997, the hardware requirements of NT vs. Unix permitted me to buy four Unix configurations (essentially motherboard, chip and ram) for the one configuration of NT. Software costs for Unix ranged from free to $995. Costs for NT and an e-mail software package cost $1,234. Anyway I figured it, in 1997 at least, Unix was cheaper.

By the way, performance was superior on a Unix box.

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