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Too Much Time

Cell service has improved enough that enterprises are now comfortable relying on the technology to conduct business. But improved service quality has not come with corresponding advances in the cost-effectiveness of contracts. Consider your own personal cell phone contract: Are you satisfied with it or are you paying for minutes you will never use? If you have too much of a good thing, then you aren't alone.My collegue David Haskin, editor of the Mobile Pipeline, recently asked this question in an effort to get confirmation of what we all seem to know intuitively and have heard anecdotally. The results so far more than confirm our suspicions. Eighty-percent of the respondents have more minutes than they can use. As of Tuesday morning, a pretty astounding 34 percent said they are using less than 50 percent of their allotted minutes.

David is hoping this evidence will help coax mobile operators to make some changes that he suspects may already be the offing. Given the fairly radical shifts that are already underway, my guess is this is will only help speed the inevitable. If you want to add your voice to the mix, please take a minute to vote.