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Teleplace Adds SharePoint Support, Enterprise Enhancements To New Virtual Workspace Release

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE) Teleplace,Inc., a leading provider of trusted collaboration solutions, today announced version 3.5 of its secure virtual workspace software. The new release, available immediately, includes SharePoint support for both Mac and Windows users, authentication to multiple Active Directory domains, expanded capabilities for building and co-editing 3D objects in-world, and additional enterprise collaboration and security enhancements.

"Teams using Teleplace can now view and co-edit SharePoint documents in-world, while storing and sharing documents in the same repositories they would without Teleplace," said Greg Nuyens, CEO of Teleplace. "The new support for multi-domain Active Directory allows our large customers to make Teleplace available to every employee without any additional provisioning." Teleplace provides an intuitive virtual environment for distributed teams to communicate and collaborate on multiple applications and documents in real time both behind the firewall and in the cloud. The collaboration and security enhancements in the new Teleplace release include the ability to:
    * Review and co-edit SharePoint documents within Teleplace from both Mac and Windows desktops to enable better document sharing;
    * Create and co-edit 3D objects in Teleplace, with new and enhanced built-in tools, and catalog object groups for easier building, organizing and storing of 3D objects;
    * Securely broadcast video over encrypted connections from one Teleplace to another to enable teams to share videos with broader audiences without granting full access to all workgroup content;
    * Automatically authorize users in Teleplace - Active Directory handles login and authentication, and provisioning and deprovisioning across multiple domains to streamline processes;
    * Use built-in microphones for high fidelity VoIP - echo cancellation support makes headset use optional for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Teleplace users.

Teleplace virtual workspaces enable teams to handle more complexity, make smarter decisions and get more real work done faster. The unique vPresence technology in Teleplace securely combines VoIP, chat and video with a robust virtual application command center to accelerate data-centric collaboration. Teleplace includes support for Active Directory and LDAP, end-to-end encryption, pervasive authentication and access controls, and a wide range of enterprise applications and document formats.