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Telephony 101: Giving Voice to Your Network: Page 6 of 8

Can You Hear Me Now?

So stop tuning out the voice equipment running in your organization. Voice and data are fast converging in application design and in LAN and WAN technologies. If telecom responsibilities are being added to your job description, bone up on your voice skills with vendor training, Web tutorials and traditional coursework. And take a close look at both the opportunities and risks of blending the two worlds in your own shop.

Joe Hernick is an IT director with a Fortune 100 firm; he has 12 years of consulting and project management experience in data and telecom environments. Write to him at [email protected].

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1. A customer calls the 800 number to check the status of a shipment.

2. Based on time of day and/or other rule sets, the call is transferred to an available call center and received by the local PBX.