• 09/26/2003
    3:58 AM
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TechXNY: Nothing Doing

TechXNY used to be a killer show, with wall-to-wall attendance and tons of new-product announcements.
Coyote Point Systems has a new gigabit load balancer (really 800 Mbps) for $10,000 (models from F5 and Radware are more than $20,000). But Coyote couldn't manage to bring a sample of the product over the border from its manufacturing plant in Canada. Castelle--yes, you remember the fax vendor--announced two new fax-server appliances with routing software, one supporting digital T1 and one supporting analog lines, starting at $8,995 and able to support up to three T1s with up to 72 digital connections. And Belkin, manufacturer of connectors, USB hubs and Bluetooth-enablement devices, is coming out with a new 802.11b wireless print server and wireless switch. Belkin was giving away a 802.11 card and seemed to have no problem getting traffic into its booth.

There was a large international vendor presence, with numerous outsourcing vendors and chip developers from Bulgaria, the Philippines, Romania and India.

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