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TDM Over IP Solutions Being Developed

Four equipment manufacturers in the United States and Korea - Comtec Systems, Eagle Telephonics, Intronics Incorporated and Rivertree Networks - are developing a range of networking equipment based on a family of TDM-over-IP packet processors from Zarlink Semiconductor.

The companies are designing media gateways, central office and Ethernet switching products that transport legacy TDM services over packet networks in an IP environment. The TDM-over-IP processors from Zarlink, say officials, tunnel layer 2 TDM traffic, carrying associated timing and signaling data, across IP (Internet Protocol), MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) or Ethernet networks.

Intronics Incorporated, will use this technology in the development of TDM-over-IP media gateways to transport point-to-point, aggregated or distributed T1/E1 or T3/E3 TDM traffic over local, metropolitan or continental IP networks.

Comtec Systems of Korea is marketing a modular -- 4 port, 8 port or 16 port -- TDM-over-IP media gateway.

Eagle Telephonics has developed a distributed central office network infrastructure for public switched telephone networks. The switches will be linked via an Ethernet or IP network using TDM-over-IP processors

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