• 01/14/2005
    6:00 AM
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System Recovery

This edition looks at Winternals Software's Recovery Manager 2.0, Performance IT's ProIT 3.1, Zeus Technology's Extensible Traffic Manager 3.0 and Alcatel's OmniSwitch 6800.
Performance IT ProIT 3.1

Performance IT has added AutoMap Engine to its ProIT network and systems management software. Using proprietary algorithms, AutoMap determines the layer relationships between interdependent components. It then automatically creates maps to pinpoint failure points. AutoMap also identifies correlating events, consolidates alarms and discovers relationships for further analysis. $9,995. Performance IT, (888) 242-9365, (678) 323-1300.

Zeus Technology Zeus Extensible Traffic Manager 3.0

The latest version of Extensible Traffic Manager (ZXTM) provides centralized control of application traffic and seamless interaction between Web-enabled services. The product now includes TrafficScript capabilities, which let it read both incoming client requests and outgoing server responses for any protocol and go as deep as necessary to provide unlimited content inspection. Bandwidth can be regulated according to service importance, and the service-level management features provide alerts and remedial actions when responsiveness drops below SLAs. Starts at $7,500 for single license. Zeus Technology, +44 (0)1223 568555, +44 (0)1223 525000.

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