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SWAN, the Strategic WAN Acceleration Navigator by Ipanema

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ipanema Technologies, the leader in WAN Optimization and Application Performance Management solutions for Managed Service Providers, today announced the launch of SWAN, the Strategic WAN Acceleration Navigator to help enterprises navigate across the sea of WAN Acceleration requirements. This tool is an interactive web based questionnaire that only takes five minutes to fill and that instantly produces a customized report describing specific situations and tailored requirements for WAN Acceleration.

Enterprises today rely on the WAN to deliver business critical applications to their distributed workforces. The WAN is central to the enterprise and it requires very special attention. WAN Acceleration can play a key role in making sure the network meets its objective of ensuring productivity across the organization.

One of the best known uses of WAN Acceleration is the reduction of response time for users accessing files or applications on servers in a central datacenter. The improvement provided by acceleration is dramatic and can often motivate the investment into a few WAN acceleration controllers. However, the WAN is not only about a single application, or a few sites. Delivering excellent application performance is a global, strategic concern for any modern enterprise. To reach their goal of maximized productivity, enterprises must not only consider local pains, they also need to think about what it takes to protect performance in the long run; ensure that their technology choice will match their global IT strategy, both today and tomorrow, and they need to consider what is best for their very own network characteristics.

SWAN outlines what a given enterprise should look for to deliver excellent application performance for end users at the right cost. As the enterprise describes its situation, SWAN generates a map in real-time showing the company requirements across 5 key axes Business Application Acceleration, User Experience Guarantees, Slashing Network Costs, Simplification of Network Operations and WAN Governance. The tool interactively computes Return On Investment estimates that an implementation of a Strategic WAN Optimization solution fully adapted to their needs should provide.

"Managing the WAN is no longer a matter of bandwidth and pipes only; it's a matter of applications and productivity. SWAN makes the connection between business applications and WAN Optimization and Acceleration technology requirements," says Frank Lyonnet, VP Product Marketing at Ipanema Technologies.