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Survivor's Guide to 2005: SMBs: Attention to Prevention

The lesson for 2005: If you don't get proactive, you might need to be reactive--about your employment and/or continued viability as a service provider. Emergency service has shown up on many budgets of small and midsize businesses as a relatively huge line item. If you want to survive, get on an even keel.

I know what you're thinking: Easier said than done. Clearly, worms and viruses continue to hurt businesses of all sizes, and no doubt this will continue. Moreover, peer-to-peer technology has had a significant impact on traffic; it continues to morph so it can run over any open port or protocol (á la Gnutella Web cache), and it will suck bandwidth in any shop. It's an inevitable arms race: Random workstations with spyware and Trojans will continue to beat on bandwidth and reliability.

2005 Survivor's Guide

• Introduction

• Business Strategies

• Security

• Network and Systems


• Mobile & Wireless

• Digital Convergence

• Business Applications

• Infrastructure

• Storage and Servers
• Special SMBs


• Companies to Watch in '05
• What's Hot/Not in '05

Object lesson: I met with a financial-services IT group that insisted management wouldn't authorize preventive projects or strategies until certain other projects were done. Prevention was sidelined, and the organization had a serious internal security breach that could have been foiled. Moral: Get proactive.

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