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The Survivor's Guide to 2004: Mobile and Wireless

Like many emerging enterprise-technology markets, wireless carries risks. The need for heightened security is a big issue. ROI is far from a given. And standards are still in flux, making it tempting to wait just a little longer. But there's a certain sense of excitement and inevitability about wireless. You know that the coming year's products and services will be better than the last. You just wonder whether they're good enough to commit to strategically.

It's the Apps

2004 Survivor's Guide:

• Introduction

• Business Strategy

• Security

• Network and Systems


• Mobile & Wireless

• Converged Voice, Video
  and Data
• Storage and Services

• Infrastructure

• Business Applications

• Special Report: That Was
  Now, This is Then

In most scenarios, applications drive productivity, and most people use wireless networks to run the same applications--Web access and e-mail--that they run on wired networks. Wireless access makes the work more convenient, and it mirrors the nomadic behavior of many users, whose work patterns are anything but at your desk, 9 to 5.

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