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Survey: Cisco, Checkpoint Firewall Expertise Sought By CIOs

Cisco network administration skills and Checkpoint firewall expertise are among the most sought-after specialties by CIOs looking to hire, according to a recent survey by staffing firm Robert Half Technology.

In Robert Half's quarterly technology hiring survey of CIOs, 51 percent cited Cisco network administration and Checkpoint firewall expertise as high-demand specialties. They were tied for second place on the list, behind Microsoft Windows administration, which was cited by 80 percent of respondents.

The demand for Cisco certified professionals has been rising quickly. In the first two quarters of 2004, Cisco expertise was cited by 34 and then 38 percent of CIOs as high demand specialties, in third place behind Windows administration and Microsoft SQL Server administration. In this quarter, demand for SQL Server skills was in fourth place, at 48 percent.

Overall, networking is undergoing the most growth in the skills area, according to the survey. It found that 19 percent of CIOs said networking was the skill area undergoing the most growth in their business, the tops of any skill set.

The results of the Robert Half Technology survey were summarized by