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Surge In DSL Pushes Broadband In The Home

It's no big revelation to hear that home broadband use is up -- 60 percent in the past year -- but it is a surprise that DSL introduction and usage is overhauling cable modem broadband.

In fact, 55 percent of adult Internet users now have access to broadband at home or work, the Pew Internet and American Life Project said in a report released Sunday.

"DSL now has a 42 percent share of the home broadband market, up from 28 percent in March 2003," the report stated.

In 2003, 67 percent of home broadband users connected via cable modems while that percentage dropped to 54 percent in the latest survey, the study said. In 2003, DSL users accounted for just 28 percent. DSL usage in homes jumped to 42 percent this year. Telephone companies offering DSL have had success in many regions of the U. S. with their bundling promotional programs in which they offer DSL at a cut rate bundled with local and long distance phone service.