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Study Says Dial-UP, DSL Users Most Likely VoIP Prospects

Consumers accessing the Internet via dial-up or DSL services are more likely to try VoIP than are broadband cable users, according to a new study from Ipsos-Insight.

The survey of more than 1,200 U.S. household Internet users also found that 50 percent of respondents feel that a telephone company would be the best provider of VoIP.

At the same time, households are not rushing to embrace VoIP. Only 19 percent of respondents said they were likely to upgrade or switch to VoIP. Those most likely to switch were households spending more than $40 per month on telephone bills, study data showed.

After telephone companies, preferred providers of VoIP were Internet service providers -- selected by 35 percent of respondents and cable services, with 15 percent.

The features most in demand by likely VoIP adopters was caller ID, followed by voicemail, battery back-up and call waiting.