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Stop with the e-mailS already!

It has come to my attention - usually painfully - that many people erroneously believe that the plural of e-mail is e-mails.
It is not.
Does the post office deliver mail, or mails? Yeah, exactly. "Hey, look at the mails I got today!" Sounds pretty retarded, doesn't it? So does "Hey, look at the e-mails I got today!"

E-mail is like beer, and deer. You don't have "beers" (unless you're from the UP, eh? Ya!). You don't shoot "deers", and you don't send or receive e-mails.

And yes, as a matter of fact it is a hyphenated word. If you don't like the hyphen, petition Merriam-Webster.

Just like anal-retentive.
Your observations that this last example applies to the author of this blog are unnecessary. She already knows.